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Smuts Memorial Fund

The Smuts Memorial Fund supports scholars at all stages of their career in a wide variety of disciplines working in relation to the Commonwealth, past and present. 

The fund was established after the death of Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa and Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, with the aim of advancing Commonwealth Studies at the University.

The fund seeks to encourage, support and celebrate Commonwealth Studies in a variety of ways:

A range of funding opportunities are available to both staff and students, for further information on how some of our award recipients and research fellows have utilised Smuts funding for research, fieldwork and events please see here.  

A number of Fellowships across the University are supported by the Fund, including the Smuts Visiting Research Fellowship.

The Fund is managed by a Board of Managers, meeting termly. The International Student Office supports the Board of Managers in administering the fund.

The Smuts Memorial Fund also supports the Professor of Commonwealth History. The Chair has been held by a number of distinguished academics. The current Smuts Professor, Saul Dubow, took up his position in January 2017.

Professor Dubow has recently been published in the New York Times explaining how Jan Smuts reconciled his belief in freedom abroad with his efforts to supress it at home: