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Smuts Memorial Fund


The Smuts Managers consider applications for research grants on a termly basis. Applications are welcomed from senior members of the University, and departments conducting projects in the field of Commonwealth Studies. All applications will be assessed in terms of the extent to which they contribute to the advancement of Commonwealth studies.

Types of financial assistance that will be considered

In previous years, departments and staff have been awarded grants for:

  • data collection.
  • compressions and cataloguing of archive material.
  • participation in a conference abroad.
  • travel and accommodation costs for visiting students.
  • AVA needs.
  • the costs of transporting samples back to the UK.
  • a contribution towards the cost of field assistants (where a very strong case is made).
  • photocopying and photographic processing.
  • assistance for participation in conferences in the UK.
  • language training (where a very strong case is made).
  • costs for medical shots such as malaria.

Financial assistance will not be considered for insurance costs, transport or any other costs for partners/spouses, computer hardware, software or peripherals, regular office costs such as paper or printing or publication costs.

Amounts considered

For staff the limit is £4,000 over any 3 year period.

Ad hoc applications

Staff who want to apply for funding which is above the financial limit or where the activity appears to be outside the remit of a research grant should submit a written application direct to the Smuts Administrator. The application should include details of the activity, how much funding is required from the Smuts Fund and what other sources of funding have been secured or applied for. Please make sure that your application begins with an overview of the activity and amount of funding being requested.

When are applications considered?

Applications are considered termly at the Smuts Managers Meeting.

The deadlines for applications are

  • 15th October
  • 15th January
  • 15th March.

Please note that retrospective applications cannot be considered.

Individuals who receive an award from the Fund will be expected to complete a short report of approximately 500 words which may feature on the website. Further details will be provided as part of the award notification.

How to apply

Please view the guidelines before applying.

The application form can be accessed here.